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Thread: Anyone heard of Expedium rods before?

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    Anyone heard of Expedium rods before?

    I spoke with Dr. Lauerman's nurse practicioner today and she told me that he plans to remove my Isola rods and replace them with Expedium rods. I understand they are fairly new and I have never heard of them before as they are not mentioned in any of the books I've read. Can anyone tell me anything about this system? Pros...cons...

    Also, I found out that he is going to do a pedicle subtraction osteotomy at L3 and a posterior fusion at L2-L4. I'd love to hear from anyone who has undergone a similar procedure. It's getting down to the wire. My first autologous blood donation is next Friday. Tick tock.

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    I have them... in my op report it says they used the Expedium system-- which is made by DePuy. You can google some info-- I did a long time ago. Mine are stainless steel, but I think they come in titanium as well. I think they are just normal up-to-date (state of the art) rods and screws, etc. that are being used by many surgeons, depending on which manufacturer they choose. Maybe someone else knows more. I'm out of time this morning, but if you have some other questions I can make time later. I had osteotomies too (see my sig). When is your surgery? How long (levels) was your initial one? Best wishes for a successful revision! Susie
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