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Thread: One Year Post Surgery

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    Smile One Year Post Surgery

    We recently took my daughter for her 1 year post surgery follow up and everything looks well. They do not want to see her again for another year. When I asked about the wrestling unit coming up in school, the surgeon advised against it - more as a precaution than anything else. Other than that and bungee jumping, she's ok to continue with all activities.

    I still worry. Today she went toboganning with a friend and this is the first time she's done that in well over a year so I was a little anxious. But she came home and was happy and said it was a lot of fun. I am so relieved to see her back to normal.

    To those of you either facing surgery or just recovering from surgery, stay positive and keep the faith - things will turn out alright and life will feel normal again soon.


    12 y.o. daughter had surgery Nov 30 & Dec 5, 2007. Fused T4-L4. (I still can't believe she'll be 14 in 2 weeks)

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    Thanks for that, Karen40. My son is 5+ weeks post-op and I feel myself going in and out of worry. It's good to know tobogganing is an option. I was concerned about that.

    Mary Ellen

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    Savannah went ice skating recently and I only had the tiniest pang of concern. And I admit the first question I asked was not, "Did you have fun?" but, "Did you fall?"

    She did fall once but it was forward. Her sister was quick to point that out.

    And she did have fun!
    Sharon, mother of identical twin girls with scoliosis

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    Great news, Karen40.

    Alexander has gone sledding a couple of times lately and I still worry too. He's 1.5 years post-op. He hasn't wanted to go skating since the surgery but he used to enjoy it. I'm trying to stop worrying about all these things but I'm not there yet.

    Mother of Alexander & Zachary:
    Alex is 16 years old and in the 11th grade. He has congenital scoliosis due to a hemivertebrae at T10. Wore a TLSO brace for 3 1/2 years. Pre-op curves were T45 & L65; curves post-op are approx. T31 & L34. Had a posterior spinal fusion from T8 to L3 on 7/12/07 at age 12. Doing great now in so many ways, but still working on improving posture.
    Zach is 13 years old and very energetic.

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