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    Exclamation chiropracter

    has anyone used one to help with the area's there are no rods? What are you're opinoins? Any problems? Was it or has it been successful. what exadctly have you had done? thanks for checking out my post.

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    Hi Amme...

    When I have severe neck pain (usually once or twice a year), I go to my chiropractor for a neck adjustment. It does seem to help. A few months ago, I needed an adjustment, and my chiropractor was on vacation. The guy who was handling his patients did some adjustments that scared the sh*t out of me. Despite my warning that I had a long fusion, he did some very aggressive moves, including some that seemed to be within the fusion area. I was shocked to get off of the table and feel better than I had in many years. I probably wouldn't risk it again, but it was an interesting experience.


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