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Thread: Surgery costs

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    Lynn Marie,
    My (HMO) Insurance is the same co-pay as yours. When I went in for my most recent surgery last year I had a $250 OOP for the hospital stay and anything that happened in the hospital (ie surgery, surgeons fees, medication, radiology, anesthesia, etc). My surgery was way more extensive than a first time scoli fusion, and at the end of my hospital stay I was not ready to go home yet (insurance basically mandates that as soon as you are "stable" you go home). I was transferred by ambulance to a rehab hospital for another week. The co-pay for the ambulance was $100 and for the rehab hospital (since it was a "new" admission) was another $250. Overall I paid $600 for my 11 days in the hospital. Still very good in the scheme of things.

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    My surgery (so far) totals around $235,000. The implants alone were $134,000, so when my husband says he can sell me for scrap, he is serious

    Our out of pocket was a $240 hospital copay, plus about $500 more to meet my out of pocket maximum. Everything else was either written off or paid by the insurance.

    Thank God for my insurance.

    ***How could I forget....Edited to add that we paid $1500 out of pocket for my private room, and around $1500 out of pocket for the private nurse at night. Totally worth every penny, in my opinion.
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