Hi, Im Linda. My sister had spinal fusion w/harrington rods 20+ years ago. In the last year she has developed severe obstructive sleep apnea, restrictive lung disease, leg tremors, upper and mid back pain, & the list goes on. Drs are testing and treating her with little success.
She has finally seen an Ortho Surgeon supposedly specializing in post fusion scoliosis, Dr. Watson, Fresno Ca. So far she has had xrays( showing possible additional curvature in the upper back measuring 120) Sorry about the length of this but we are so confused and really worried about her health deterioration.
Her Dr.wants a myeliogram, says this is only way to determine whats going on with her back> Is a myeliogram test typical for scoliosis testing? Anyone know any Drs in Fresno Ca.or anything about Dr. Watson Sierra Pacific Orthopedic group? Has anyone ever experienced any of these problems? Anyone have restrictive lung disease. Thank you all for any help or info.
God Bless