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    New to NSF

    I am new to NSF and am not really sure how it works. My problem is this: I have been dianosed with
    scoliosis with a 32 lumbar curve and 30 upper. I am 44 years old and have a doctor telling me that
    I will eventually have to have surgery, rods etc. I would really like an alternative to this and when
    I mentioned pumping up my exercises, he said it wouldn't help. I also have another problem with
    the L4L5 disc area. Again he is suggesting surgery, but that is something I really don't want to do. I'm
    afraid of therapy due to the disc problem and I'm really confused about what to do about the scoliosis.
    I would appreciate any input.

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    Hi Cindy...

    You might want to post your message to the Adult Patients:Non-surgical forum where you will probably get more response.

    If your curves haven't shown a history of progression in recent years, and you don't have significant pain, I think most doctors would feel that it wouldn't be appropriate to perform surgery on you. You might want to find another doctor who can help you find non-surgical treatments to help you with any pain you might have. You can find a list of scoliosis specialists here:

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