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Thread: Surgery with UTI (urine tract infection)

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    Surgery with UTI (urine tract infection)

    Oh..and as an addition to my other post about reduced lung capacity....(almost forgot!!)

    Has anyone every gone into surgery with a UTI and if so, how did medical staff address this to minimise the risks?? I understand that if an infection sets in the rods, this can be disastrous, but the risks are minimal, even if somebody does have a UTI prior to surgery.

    Any info would be great.


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    Sorry to hear about the setbacks.

    Please note that my circumstances & body are rather different to the norm, but I have definitely gone into big surgeries with UTIs. I'm doing everything I can to not go into this one with one, but reality is, I probably will. It's for sure something to talk with the surgeon about, but there are options. If the doc's happy to operate while your daughter has a UTI, have a chat about measures that will be in place.

    In Australia, history of frequent infections are met with a course of oral &/or IV antibiotics in the lead up to surgery 1(1-2 wks in advance). All patients are flooded with broad-spectrum, very potent antibiotics during a major surgery, but if the doc knows there's a specific type of bacteria to tackle, the treatment might be made more targeted. Following surgery, often antibiotics are continued for a few days, but if there's an ongoing problem with UTIs, often the antibiotics course is extended & regular urine tests are done to keep an eye on things.

    Again, this is only what I know from my experiences in Oz, but I'm sure that similar procedures would be followed for any infection-risk patient. I've had a lot of surgeries over the years & only ever once had a major post-op infection despite very frequent UTIs - & that one time wasn't actually from a UTI.

    All the best to your daughter for her surgery - & for getting well beforehand. Take care of yourself, too. And if you'd like to talk in more detail or anything, please feel free to PM me

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