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Thread: Decision made - another surgery

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    Decision made - another surgery

    I finally (after 2+ years of lamenting) have decided to go through with a second surgery (my first was done in 1982). I figure I got 20 good years from the first surgery that I hope the second will be as successful. I swear this was the hardest decision because I know what's involved. I'm planning on surgery in the spring of 09 (I teach so need to plan ahead for my students I'm almost breathing a sigh of relief at making the decision to have my lower spine fused. The last 2 years I've just been in I sweat out the pain or deal with it?

    I have an appt. in January with a neuromuscular specialist and a pre-operative appt in Februrary with my scoli doc. WHEW! I pray all goes well. Just wanted to share with those who know the turmoil all too well.

    Always Smilin
    1982 fused T2-L1
    pre op 45 - post op 33 (left thoracic)
    pre op 53 - post op 18 (right thoracic)

    recheck 2006
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    I am sorry to hear about your situation but am sure u are making the right decision. I just have a question will the operation re-correct the curves in anyway since they have moved since your original surgery?. I just ask as I am in a similar situation.


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    Hi always smilin',

    Glad to hear you have some relief from making your decision, but sorry to hear you're going to have to go through more surgery. Will fusing the lower spine help with your breathing problems (you were the one asking about breathing problems, weren't you?)?

    I totally understand about scheduling your life around the school year, since I'm also a teacher Good luck with everything!

    - Sarah
    - 39 years old
    - At age 14, curve progressed from 45 degrees to 62 degrees in two months.
    - Surgery in 1990 at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) with Dr. Letts. Fused T5 to L2. Corrected to about 30 degrees.
    - Harrington rod
    - Herniated disc - L5/S1 - January 2008. Summer 2009 - close to making a full recovery.
    - New mommy as of February 2011
    - Second child - September 2013
    - Staying relatively painfree through physio exercises!

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    Amanda - the hope is that it will help with the other curve as it will hopefully straighten the spine. The upper part of the spine has worsened because of the lower - so correcting the lower should help. The doc said it should be noticeable by X-ray (insinuating that I probably won't see a big difference cosmetically).

    SIs for Sarah - Not sure if this will do anything for my breathing. The doc is not convinced that there is noticeable change in breathing post surgery unless your curve is near 100 - but I'm not sure I agree as the reason I had the first surgery was because my breathing was compromised. I guess I'm going at it that hopefully I will be a little more painfree and not so crumpled over in the mornings and late at night - and if I'm really lucky I'll earn a new lung (he he). I really appreciate that you remembered me and my questions. This is definitely a board for friends - thanks!

    Always Smilin'

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