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Thread: Curve Holding/Need New Brace Soon

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    Curve Holding/Need New Brace Soon

    Two weeks ago my daughter had her first out of brace x-ray (since getting the brace). I think the news is good. She measured T-23, L-15. (She took off the brace 24 hours before the x-ray). Before she got the brace she was T-24, L-24 in March 2008. The in-brace x-ray from May measured T-16, L-7. Therefore the top curve is the same and the lower curve has improved. I'm understanding this correctly, right? I guess this could all change at future x-rays, but for now it is good. My daughter was pleased with these results.

    Oh, risser sign was still 0, but she is now 5'6". She looks like she has plenty of growing left in her still to me.

    Funny, when she had to take the brace off for 24 hours, she told me she was really worried how she would feel and sleep without it. She says it is so comfortable wearing the brace. (She was fine).

    Two days later we went to see her orthotist. He was pleased too. He said he could tell she was wearing the brace diligently. He also said he will need to make her a new brace in January because she has grown about 2.5" since she got the brace.

    So now I am wondering, when the new brace is made in January, I assume she will get a new "in-brace" x-ray around late February. So we'll never know if the curve progresses based on the current brace. It will be like starting all over again. It will be about 10 months before another "out-of-brace" x-ray. Does this matter? Is this just the normal course of treatment?

    Thanks as always for your insight and support!

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    Daughter 17.5 (diagnosed @ 12 yrs) in Sept 2007 AIS
    Oct 2007: T-20, L-20 [160 cm]
    Mar 2008: T-24, L-24 [163 cm], started Cheneau brace
    May 2008: T-16, L-7 (in-brace) [164.2 cm]
    Oct 2008: T-23, L-15 (out-of-brace) [167 cm]
    Feb 2009: T-20, L-18 (in-brace) 2nd brace
    Jun 2009: T-20, L-16 (in-brace) [172.2 cm]
    Dec 2009: T-33, L-16 (out-of-brace) [173.8 cm]
    Apr 2010: T-25, L-12 (in-brace) [175.3 cm] 3rd brace
    Mar 2011: T31, L20 (out) [176.2]
    Jul 2012: T31, L20 (out) [177.2]

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