hi! I'm probably overreacting totally but my hubby and I have noticed that my sons buttocks stick out quite a bit - more than what I would perceive as normal. He's been in to see his pediatrician who poo poos it and says it's nothing. I have a history of scoliosis (with some MAJOR curves) so we've always been extra careful to make sure our kids backs have been checked annually. In searching the internet tonight (for my own health issues) I stumbled across an article on Lordosis and totally freaked (thinking that it described my son).

Does anyone know anything more about lordosis? He doesn't complain of back pain or anything so should I worry about it? He does complain that he has a "big butt" and I understand his concern cosmetically (although I think he is beautiful - of course)

any ideas would be appreciated.
always smilin' (unless my kids health is at stake!)