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    competitive swimming

    hi everyone! sorry i haven't been on this website in a while.. I pretty much opted to not go with surgery though my doctor gave me the choice, i'm a junior in high school an s curve around 50/40

    i swim competitively at school 6 days a week and work really hard, but i haven't gotten better times in years... i was just wondering if that could be scoliosis related because i'm so crooked and i wore the brace for so long, or if i'm just bad at swimming.. haha.

    anyway i'm pretty sure there are a lot of other swimmers here so share your thoughts

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    Hey! I'm a swimmer too.

    I don't think it is the scoliosis that is effecting you. The brace could make you stiff, but I don't think that's what it is. Untill this year, my times hadn't improved in a while either. I really started working on my stroke technique this year, and it made a world of difference.

    It's kind of hard to explain, but after a while, you get in this best possible shape you can be in, you've reached you're peak. If you want to improve, maybe you can try something different. This happened to my friend recently. She is an extremely serious swimmer. At one meet, she gained 2 minutes to her times. She decided that what she was doing wasn't working, and she needed to try something different.

    When you get to a certain level in swimming, they don't really work on technique any more, and it's all conditioning. She has just been working with all her possibilities. Trying different club teams, and joining gyms.

    Sorry if this doesn't make much sense! I'm really bad at explaining things!


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    Hi swimmer,
    My daughter is also a swimmer, 6 days a week, a junior in high school and her s curve is 30/50. She opted to not get surgery too. There was a year or so period when she didnt drop any time either. Just hang in there. I'm sure it's a little tougher since you both have scoliosis but it's also determination and positive visualization and attitude! If you would like to email her let me know. Sue

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