Hello all. I am new here. I am frustratingly searching for answers on the web, and maybe you can help me here.

I am a 43 year old female, and was dx with scoliosis in 2001, after complaining of back pain - and showing the doctor how my front top rib on the left side was slightly protruding and causing me pain. I already had DDD and a mild herniation in the L-S area for many years prior. Two months after this was dx in 2001 , I was rear-ended in an auto accident, which caused a great deal more lower back pain.

In the last 6 months, the front top rib on my right side has begun to protrude to the point that it is very noticible. I have constant back pain, the most painful being in the lumbar region. My doctor looked at it the other day and told me the obvious - it was rotating more now. In 2001, he mentioned that it wasn't a huge deal, since adult scoliosis doesn't progress at the rate that it does when you are much younger. Well, now with my part of my chest sticking out after only 3 years of finding out there was even a problem - I don't exactly call that a slow progression. Where does it end?

I have had problems with severe leg pain, and bowel and bladder function as of late, and though they are not terribly bad, they certainly do interrupt "normal" life.

I had a L&S series of x-rays done the other day, and will be going in for an MRI in 2 weeks.

Okay.....after this babbling of my history....my question is this: when I look on the net inquiring about rib rotation, it only talks about the posterior view. I can never find anything about - or anyone who has - ribs sticking out in the front. How do I find anyone else who has this problem and where can I find medical literature that speaks about it?

I didn't even give you all of my medical hx. It will chase you away if I do! Hopefully this little bit will help. Any help you can offer me will be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for your time in advance.