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Thread: post op rib protrusion

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    post op rib protrusion

    I was wondering if anyone here with long fusion, with a rib removal experience this.

    On my left midback, i had something sticking out, it's a bit sore and tender (because it rubs against the brace, and from laying on my back on a firm mattress). At first, i was concern it might be hardward, but x-rays show the instruments are still in place, and i was told it's my rib. The doctor didn't remove the "whole" rib, and was told it's a post op rib. I was told by the PA if needed surgery is require to "shave it down". We didn't go into details because he said the irritation might go away when i am out of the brace and sleep in a softer bed. I haven't seen my surgeon yet, but i was wondering if anyone else here have the same experience? I am not even sure what to ask him at this point. I am seeing him in 3 weeks.
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