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Thread: Spinal Stenosis

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    Spinal Stenosis

    Does anyone know if scoliosis leads to spinal stenosis later in life? My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis last year. Being that I had some of the same symptoms, I went to a chiropracter and sure enough was then diagnosed with a curve. Prior to all of this, my mother who is 77 was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and has basically lost all muscle strength in her legs. I suspect it was the same problem that happened to her mother. (My grandmother). I am scared to death of the same future and if anything I could due to prevent it would be a blessing. Can anyone help?

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    Yes, but at the same time so does normal aging of the spine, in fact Spinal Stenosis is a major disability factor with senior citizens. Of course any truma, surgery of the spine can cause or help contribute to Spinal Stenosis. After fifty-years with my spinal fusion and it was heavy duty, I have no rods or metal of any kind praise God but I do have starting of Spinal Stenosis. At my age of 54 I'm very greatful for the life that I have had, I have been able to lead a somewhat normal life. Raise a family, serve in the United States Navy, gone to College and now applying for SSDI. I would not have changed my life for anything, except maybe the scoliosis. My disability did not make me, I'm a person first.....
    Live long and prosper!

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