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    Unhappy Please Help

    I had single Harrington rods urgery in 1982 in NYC, done by Dr. Hoppenfeld. I am now 34, married with one child. I always had minor problems; right shoulder blade sticking out and often feels "tired", sensitive muscle hump on my back between spine and rt shoulder blade, rt should leans forward causing my rt breast to sag a little. I cannot sit against straight hard surfaces because my shoulder blade and hump are in the way. With clothes I look perfectly fine and even get compliments on my "elegant" posture, but underneath, of course, I feel deformed. My pregnancy was easy and labor went fine with the epidural. I exercise at "Lotte Berk Method" and feel fine with few exceptions. Unlike, the lower back sufferers, I feel most tingling in the top of my spine and between my neck, my rt shoulder blade often gets tired and I need to rotate my shoulder to aleviate the pain. I find my self always craning my neck forward.
    Does anyone have these symptoms and what are they? Does anyone else have this muscle hump - can I get rid of it? Help!!
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