I finally have my surgery scheduled. I had to get PFT before Dr. Boachie would let me schedule it. Has PFT in March and then saw Dr. Boachie on May 19th. The first available date at that time was October 21, 2008, so I took it.

This will be a revision, have first surgery in 1979 at age 27. Current Herrington rod will be removed and replaced with new hardware. My existing Herrington rod goes from T4 to L4. The new may go up to T3 to L4 (I hope). I currently have a 82*/35* curve and hope to get this better and improve the rib hump.

I have a few questions for those that have had surgery at HSS and also rehab after surgery:
1) Will the hospital allow anyone from your family to stay in the room with you overnight?

2) If not where did family stay? Do any Hotels offer a special rate to family members of patients at HSS?

3) Did you have Private Duty Nurses? If so, what are the best hours to have one?

4) What can you tell me about Burke Rehab in White Plains or Helen Hayes Rehab in West Haverstraw? Has anyone been to either?

5) What follow-up visits does Dr. Boachie? (Are they: 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year)? At 1 month would I be able to take the train the NYC (Metro North to Grand Central)? I would take a cab from Grand Cental to his office.

Arlene (2lucky2)