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Thread: Removing Part of Rods 18 y.o. girl

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    Removing Part of Rods 18 y.o. girl

    I told my doc that top part of my rods was bothering me and he said he could chop off the top part, maybe like 4 inches. Has anyone had piece of their rods removed? How long do you have to stay in the hospital and is there pain involved? Thanks. im only 18
    Age: 18
    40TL curve pre op
    Posterior Spinal Fusion with Dr. Pablo Marrero
    San Jorge Children's Hospital in Puerto Rico
    June 7, 2006
    post op curve: 16

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    Hello ScoliGal!
    I haven't had it done yet, but I am having my hardware removed in November. The doctor did give me the option to just have a portion if it removed (it's broken) but I decided since he was going to be in there we could just take it all out. I am scheduled to be in the hospital for 3 days and at 3 months I will be "fully" recovered. BUT I am also having a section fused that didn't fuse the first time.

    I'm sure there is pain involved, but I don't think it will be more than what you have already gone through.
    26 year old female
    wore a brace in junior high
    fusion of T4-L4 at 15 years old
    broken hardware at 23 due to failed fusion
    November 10, 2008 hardware removal and fusion of L3-L4

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    Hi Scoligal,

    I am seeing a doctor in St. Louis in a couple of weeks....going to have all or some of the rods removed because of so much upper back pain.

    I've had the rods in 10 years and am now 26 years old.


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