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Thread: Brace and bathroom

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    Brace and bathroom


    I have another question concerning the how one manages to use the bathroom without removing thier brace. My wife is still considering a milwaukee brace for the management of pain associated with her kyphosis and last night we got into this discussion of what to wear under the brace and how does one remove undergarments without completely undressing to use the restroom? I know there are probably not many people here that still use the Milwaukee brace but it seems like the situation might apply to all hard braces such as the cheneau or boston brace that extends down over the hips. Does the brace cause any issues in this regard?

    My wife has been wearing the knnight Taylor brace with fairly good results with her lower back, however it does not seem to do as much for her upper curve (kyphosis) which is pretty high in her spine.


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    Hi Mike,
    I wore a boston brace otherwise known as the TLSO. I wore my brace over my clothes. I chose clothes with little seams because they would dig into my skin and would really hurt! When I had to use the restroom I would simply remove my brace. It was no big deal. The only thing that was a little embarrassing was in a public restroom when you removed it and the velcro would go...Rip!!! Rip!!! Rip!!! lol lol It was a little embarrasing because you would get some pretty funny looks..but oh well. The guy that made my brace told me that I could wear my clothes over, personally that was weird! Not to mention uncomfortable! So, I wore it over my clothes the entire time. I chose to wear like Yoga pants, that had little seams and then tanktops on top. Plus you want something underneath, between your skin and the brace to help with a rash. It also helps with sweat to help soak it up! lol Anyway good luck and hope you found this helpful! Any other can PM them to me.
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    I have osteoarthritis, 3 bulging discs, stenosis, fast progressing lordosis, vertebrea twisting (vertebreas almost on side) all in lumbar spine. Will most likely have another surgery to extend rods and fusion. :'(

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    Bathroom and Brace

    Mike, I wear a Milwaukee brace now, and I too take it off sometimes, but I have gotten pretty good at doing what ever needs to be done. I get ambarrassed by the velcro too and all the adjusting. there are takes a little more time and a little more paper, but you do get the hang of it. I used to take it all off when I first got the brace. I used to get scared at work and am still a little skittish about using the stalls but in time you get resourceful just like everything else you do while wearing a brace. I get upset if I have to take it off because it takes so long to put back on (Milwaukee Brace). I usually, at home, use a mirror but in a stall its not aways there, soemtimes to small of an area, and I would never do it outside the stall. I am still a very shy person when it comes to this thing but have gotten over the whole story about it etc. I guess what a person does in private can be a little more embarrassing.
    Ive been wearing this brace for about 2 years now and every day it gets easier or harder depening on my attitude. With a good attitude the bathroom problems go over well. =)
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    Hi, I'm sure your wife will eventually get used to the Milwaukee and have no probs. I wore one from the age of four until I was ten, but never needed any help going to the toilet - I managed at school by myself fine (and yes, it was an old 1970s style Milwaukee with the neck ring) I wore a t-shirt and a normal pair of knickers under mine, and would tuck the knickers under the plastic girdle.

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    underneath the brace

    hey there,
    okay my doctor told me that they thought that i should wear my underpants over top of my brace. i wear a boson brace and i figured out that it sucked when ever i would do anything with my underpants over my brace, but my docter told me that i could go to the bathroom better.
    but i figured out then when i put on my bravce i could put my underwear under my bracve and just bend over foward to get the underpants out of the underneath of the brace,

    okay hope i was helpfull!!!
    Katelyn Caralle
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    Curve in brace: 0
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