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Thread: treating scoliosis through exercises & yoga

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    i have a curvature in the spine of 28 degrees. my doctor & chiropractor both think that my curvature is too minor for an operation and im too late for a brace but only physical therapy such as exercises will help my back pains and curve. ive been to more than 10 chiropractors and i feel no progression at all with still back pains which come & go all the time. ive just recently told through many doctors that chiropractors can not help your curve from decreasing in degrees although simple yoga techniques make wonders. i then started yoga and flexibility exercises a month ago which have taken away my pain completely, and feeling as though my curve has decreased also (ill be having an x-ray tomorow for the results to prove whether yoga and exrecising tecniques may be the solution).

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    wow that's awesome! I go to the chiropractor but aside from it just feeling good immediatly after, I am not sure what good it really does. Maybe I will take yoga, that's inspirational. If you don't mind me asking, what degree is your spine (Im interested because I am wondering if yoga can do anything for a moderate curve) thanks for sharing this please post any updates, hope your x-raying goes well.

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    Me and my two daughters having scoliosis. The older has alot of neck problems that cause migraines. The doctors have said many times it doesn't have anything to do with it but the proof is there. I started her out with a basic yoga move with her neck and she improved greatly. Like 2 migraines instead of 5-7. Her degree was 15 and it is holding at 5. I also massage the spasms out as soon as she has them so it doesnt cause the vertabrae to pop out of place.

    I had her on all types of meds. and she now is off of them ALL. We d the stretches and go to a Chiropractor. I have never heard of 28 degrees being to late for bracing. Why did they say that? They are waiting for the girls to get to 25 degrees before they brace. Well take care and keep doing the yoga.
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    Both of my daughters have scoliosis. Both were diagnosed by 7. Dr, Jospeh Flynn Jr

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