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Thread: weird rash along my spine?

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    weird rash along my spine?

    Hi everybody,

    Here recently I discovered a very strange rash along my spine. It doesn't itch at all, and it's nowhere else on my body. I'm a little worried about it. And I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but right where my rods are, my back has this "popping sensation." I swear, it feels like my back pops constantly. And I've also been dealing with some moderate pain. What's up with that? Has anybody else discovered some type of rash on their back after surgery along with pain? I'm just curious about all this... I hope I don't sound like a hypochondriac

    thanks everyone!

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    Hi Hailey...

    It seems to me that the rash could be an indication of an infection or of an allergy. I think it would be a good idea to contact your doctor's office to see if they want to see you before your next scheduled appointment.


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    Hmmm well I had my surgery in June of this year, and I find that my around my scar is just kinda like dry skin and a little itchy.
    So I often ask my mom or dad to put lotion on it.

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    About a month ago, I noticed that my daughter had some spotted, darker skin right along the side of her scar - her surgery was in December. I've been pretty anal about making sure she slathers with sunscreen whenever she's out in the sun with her back exposed. When I saw the spots, I came to the conclusion that the spots were a result of either being in the sun too much and her skin was damaged or she was developing some sort of a reaction to the rods and was beginning to worry. Well more recently, she noticed that the "spots" actually could come off.. Turns out, it was just dirty skin! She's been so afraid to touch the area of her scar that I don't think she was properly washing her back. So once I gave her a soft sponge and a little bit of baby oil, all those dark spots came right off.

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    Talking Ha ha ha!

    Karen-- your post made my day! I will be laughing for awhile!!! Some of our worries are SOOOOO unfounded! It's so good to read something like this. Thanks for sharing! Susie
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