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Thread: muscle pain from rods & screws

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    muscle pain from rods & screws

    I posted this in the wrong forum last week and could not figure out how to move it to the correct one (not a computer wiz!!) I am 48 yrs. old had 4 back surgeries between March 2001 and March 2002. First two for anterior and posterior fusion, top to bottom, and placement of rods. Had a loose screw from bacteria and surgery Sept. 2001 to remove and flush out with antibiotics. Jan 2002 infection ate 2 vertabrae from inside out. L3 &L4 had to be rebuilt in March 2002 with additional hardware placed in lower back and buttocks for stabilization. Now 2 years later I am still suffering from lower back and buttocks muscle spasms along with nerve damage to both legs from the vertabrae collapsing. It has been suggested that I have the lower harware removed because it is irritating the muscles. Has anyone out there experienced this and if so did removal of the harware help?? I can't do any one function for over 30 to 45 mins without medium to severe pain but I am sceared to death of having another surgery and risking another infection. I see my doctor next week to discuss the surgery in more depth and am planning on getting a couple of second opinions before proceeding but would really like to talk to someone that actually went through this. Hope someone out there can help....thanks!!!


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    I had a similar situation. I was 53 (now 55) when I had my A&P surgery done. I had massive infections......6 surgeries in 8 months with screws/plates being removed each time. Finally my doc took out everything, i.e. rods/screws. I was fused from T3-S1. Other than being very ridge, I feel fine. I have some neuropathy (nerve pain), but I take Neurontin 300mg X4 a day and it takes care of the pain. Removing the hardware is much less of a surgery than putting it in. In my situation, my body couldn't handle all the hardware and removing it was the smart thing to do. Within weeks I felt much better and at this point, I have to believe the best thing I did. Good luck

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