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Thread: Book recomendations

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    Book recomendations

    Can anyone recommend any books to further my understanding not only of scoliosis but also of the back? I want to learn more about the vertabre and all the muscles in the back and how all of them work/etc. I also want to learn more about the different methods of treatment. I recently purchased the Scroth book and am waiting for that to arrive in the mail. I see many books about scoliosis listed on amazon but I'm worried those will be too general- I want to learn more about the specifics- maybe even things they teach the orthopedic surgeons/etc. about the back and condition.


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    Trcylynn- If I were you I'd start out with some basic books rather than tackling textbooks, especially since textbooks get really pricey! You can always move on to more detail after you get some basics under your belt.

    As far as general knowledge about the back, it might be best to browse a bookstore in the human biology/ anatomy section. I think they would/should have some books and then you could see them and pick what will serve you best.

    For scoliosis books-- I think it depends on the age of the scoli patient as for what would work best for you. Since I was looking at scoli from an adult perspective, there were two that were highly recommended to me by my doctor-- I purchased both and you can read a little about them in a post I already did: (Sorry, I am getting lazier each time I write about them!)

    There's also a link on that post that then has many internet links that are very educational. I believe it is Linda Racine's compilation-- lots of footwork already done, all accessible in one spot. Thanks, Linda! Just wish I'd know about it before I spent so long with my own searches!!! Of course, I also wish I'd know about the forum before my surgery!

    I would imagine that your own doctor might provide some helpful sources. I wouldn't have received the list of scoli books that I did if I had not asked mine for more information...

    Good luck with your search for more knowledge! Susie
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    Susie Bee

    I just sent you a PM. Thanks Lynn
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    How about a decent book for exercises for scoliosis? I have the Schroth book but it's a terrible read, I was more interested in books that show exercises better, I read about scoli-pilates but after watching some videos I don't think it's worth buying. Anyone got definite benefits from reading a book about exercises on scoliosis? Just typing "scoliosis" in books on Amazon, which one of these books would you recommend and why?

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