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Thread: Dr. David Bradford

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    Dr. David Bradford

    I just found this board and am very excited to hear others expressing what I deal with living with scoliosis.

    I was diagnosed with scholiosis in the early 70's. I was referred to Dr. Bradford by an ortho surgeon who wasn't sure if I needed surgery or not. I traveled to Minneapolis to the University Hospitals and saw Dr. Bradford for many years. He put me in a modified brace and slowed the progress of my curves.

    Is this the same Dr. Bradford now in CA? He is very professional and yet very personable. I am very thankful for his treatment and although I suffer more (age makes it worse!), I know I would have been much worse without his intervention.

    I am thankful to have found this board and look forward to learning what more I can do to alleviate the pain of scoliosis.


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    Hi Lori...

    Yes, it's the same David Bradford. He moved to UCSF around 1991, and has made UCSF one of the top spinal deformity clinics in the country.

    (Scoliosis Assn of San Francisco)

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