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Thread: 1 month Post-Op!!! WOW!!!!!!!

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    1 month Post-Op!!! WOW!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe that we are 1 month post-op already! Sheesh!!!! SKyler is doing GREAT!!!!!! She thinks a little too good! lol!! It is hard to make her understand that just because she feels good, that she is still healing and needs to be careful. She wants to do everything! How do you keep them down?????? lol! Her scar is healing great, very thin. It is almost all closed up, so we will start using mederma soon.
    the other night she came to me and said that something must be wrong! I ma like whatchamean. She said somethng is wrong, It does not feel like anything has happened, it is supposed to hurt and it does not!!! After taking a deep breath of relief, I was like no thats great! lol!!!! Kids!!!!
    how much is to much ya know? We do not go back to the Dr. until August. i ma scared to let her do much, but she feels that she can do alot more.???????????????????????

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    That is wonderful news! I'm so glad she's doing so well and your main concern is reining her in from doing too much. You must feel so relieved after all the anxiety you experienced pre-op! If I were you, I'd call her surgeon and ask what restrictions need to be enforced until she goes back. That way she won't be doing something she shouldn't. Usually they say no bending or twisting, or lifting anything very heavy. That is with adults, but probably also with adolescents, until they get cleared for more. Hopefully you'll hear from some other moms. Congrats on the great recovery-- and take care!
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    I know with my back brace we kind of stretched guidlines from what my doctor said, but if you doctor has lifted no restrictions then sadly Skyler will have to continue to not doing anything she isn't supposed to. It's hard but she'll have to if she doesn't want a rod to break or have to get a revision surgery. (I am not a doctor nor have I ever had spinal fusion, but thats just my opinion)
    Apart from that that's great Sounds like she is doing VERy well for one month post op. I hope Skyler continues to recover at the same rate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJUNGRL2
    ... how much is to much ya know? We do not go back to the Dr. until August. i ma scared to let her do much, but she feels that she can do alot more.???????????????????????
    That's fantastic she's feeling well ... sounds like she doing great!

    To make sure it *stays* that way, keep her in line with any restrictions set by the surgeon until he says otherwise. Just because she feels like she can doesn't mean she *should*.

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    It's fab that your daughter is feeling so great *gentle hugs*! I made a quick recovery from the surgery when I was 17 (now 19) but I think the younger the patient, the quicker they bounce back...
    Take it easy xx

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    Thanks guys! Yah it is hard to keep her in line and not to do anything she should not! lol!!!! I am sooo relieved. I had such a hard time dealing pre-op! I am just glad it is over and that all went wel land she is doing great!!!
    Now on to braces (teeth)! YIKES!!!!!!!!! lol!!

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    That's so great! These kids bounce back so quickly.

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