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Thread: ALS (Lou Gehrigs)

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    ALS (Lou Gehrigs)

    Anyone out there with scoliosis with relatives with ALS or history of ALS?

    My father passed from this absolutly horrible disease back in May 2000. He had scoliosis also like me but not as bad. It was limb onset. He was 79.

    ALS is neuro. You lose your ability to control muscles. Once atrophy sets in, the muscle dies.

    I know that the muscles in my back were and are not functioning correctly and are not balanced. Could this have happened due to decreased signals coming from the brain?

    I have reason to believe that scoliosis is caused by imbalanced muscles due to neurological reasons. Im not saying that all scoliotic disorders are caused by ALS, there are quite a few defined neurological disorders and also non-defined that researchers are discovering.

    Who Knows? I dont have ALS as my creatine levels were checked prior to my surgeries.

    The big question? Why does scoliosis or any of these diseases happen?

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