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    Question about ... Anterior

    Were you able to roll on the incision side after surgery? I have polio, so i don't have good muscle tone and i favor my left side when i get out of bed, however, in the past couple of days, i am trying to get out of bed by rolling to my right and push myself up ... i struggle and couldn't manage to roll or even push myself up. So now, i am concern, my surgeon say it will be fine, just a bit painful

    Please share your experience

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    Mish, I always log-roll onto the non-incision side. The incision side is still tender.
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    Log Roll

    I am not going to lie and I do not want to scare you but, I could not even think about rolling on that side after surgery. I cried when they had me do it in the hospital. It was the hardest part of my recovery. After I got up once I refused to lay back down because I absolutely could not use the mucles on the left side. I chose to sleep sitting up in a recliner during my hospital stay since it was that intense for me. I can't remember how long it took for me to get thru that but I think it was atleast a month. I know I really struggled even at home. I ended up getting a hospital bed at home and when I wanted to get up I put it straight up and scooted to the edge of the bed. The word log roll hurts just thinking about it. I am sorry I may have been harsh but I wish I would have known what to expect. I had my surgey 2 years ago and my recovery is on here somewhere. I think I may have had a harder time that others so please do not think it has to be that way. Some people are good to go in 2 weeks. It all depends on the person. I know some couldn't sleep on their stomaches and I did just fine with that. But that log roll killed me. Thank God I have no problems with it anymore!!!

    just wanted to add i could not roll onto either side

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    It was easier for me to log roll and get up on my left side (the incision side) since day one in the hospital. When I came home my husband and I switched bed sides so I could continue to get up on the left. Keep in mind, my anterior incision is only on the lower, lumbar area. I don't know why my left side is stronger!
    Jan Lotherington,
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    A/P fusion T3-Sacrum, Dec 11&13 2007
    at age 55
    Dr Bridwell

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    I couldn't lay on the side with the incision while in the hospital but once I came home it was fine and log rolling on that side has never been a problem. Never thought of switching sides with my husband, Duh.
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