Hi Joanne,
I had Halo traction in 1983.I spent 8 weeks on a stryker frame to try to straighten a severe curve.The Halo clamp was attached to my skull and pins through my tibia and I was pulled from above and below with water weights.The concept of Halo aounds a lot worse than it actually is.Even as a 15 year old I didn't find it painful or distressing in any way.Modern styles of Halo have been developed which are a lot more patient friendly and it does a great job of stabilising the spine.The only drawback is that the entry points of the pins into the skull leave a small scar and the doctor placing my halo clamp put them straight into the front of my forehead and the scars mean that I keep my hair in a fringe(bangs) to cover them or wear a lot of concealer underneath my make up.Just ask if the doctor will insert them in a place where they will not show later on.
Any questions please ask.