Hello All:

I'm now coming up to 4 months post op and a "funny" (truly NOT) thing happened to me last Saturday. I was moving from my bed headed toward the bathroom and I heard a loud "crack" in my back and my right leg gave away. I said out loudly to myself, oh that can't be good. I didn't have any real residual pain that night except that my right leg started the burning, numbness and stabbing pain that I've continued to have post surgery (also had pre surgery, but has greatly lessened) As the days progressed, I called my surgeon and on Tuesday my physical therapy day, I was only able to do the hot pad, scar manual therapy and when I tried the first knee to chest exercise, I said no way, so got an ice pack and left. I described what happened to my therapist and she said believe it or not it could be scar tissue cracking. Boy wish someone had told me about this. Well today (yesterday) I finally got into the surgeon for an xray and all is still in place and healing well. The surgeon also thought that it was probably one of the internal sutures that snapped and the muscle and hardware (this is my 3rd fusion, this time to the sacrum) jockeying for position. Needless to say this was unnerving, but the fact that there was no real pain days later, except for stiffness and soreness, I'm just interested if others experienced something similar, if so, what other noises or creaks or movements should I expect? I don't remember ever having this issue previously.