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Thread: Workout advice anyone?

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    There is a very substantive article about post-op physiotherapeutic exercises for scoliosis patients at the personal website of Christa Lehnert-Schroth. It depicts some exercises, but more importantly, outlines the principles that ought to govern the therapy.

    First click the English flag, then at the left margin, click on the link "What can patients do?...(following surgery for spinal fusion)"

    Then scroll down on the page that comes up, and click on the PDF link:

    Physiotherapy For Scoliosis Patients Following Spinal Fusion Surgery.

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    Sarah--I'll try to do the arms and legs this coming week, if it works out. Plus there are already some additions to the core ones...

    Do you use therabands at all? They are resistance bands, color coded for how much resistance there is... (yellow being the least, then red, green and blue.) A lot of my arm/leg ones use them. Plus I use a total gym, with weights on it, for squats. Definitely not needed, but it's good. Is there one of those at your gym?
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    Hmmm...I'll have to see. Not sure. I have used the bands before in physical therapy. I think my gym has some. Thank you "Writer" for that link. I can't read it at home because my Acrobat is wacked but I'll check it out at work!

    You all are so kind to give me so much information! This is great.
    { sarah }

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