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Thread: I got the dog!!!!!

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    thanks everyone for your words of advice!!!! I haven't needed you yet Christine but I might!

    Yes Emma, we are going to get a crate, just have to look around for the right one! Also we HAVE A BIRD as well!!! It's a cockatiel and it's cage sits right next to Jaffa's (German Shepherds) daytime bed!!! They are fantastic birds and she comes out of her cage and sits with me on my chest and lets me scratch her head and beak, she loves it!!!!! Somewhere on here is my story of how the bird got out and was rescued by the German Shepherd, in it's mouth!!!!

    Little Dolce slept in Elysia's bedroom last night in her basket next to her bed, no mess, nothing (I had laid a big plastic sheet on the floor to protect the carpet just in case) - I got up at 6.00, took her outside, she went to the loo, brought her back in, put her in bed with Elysia and the two of them got up at 10.00am!!!! (Elysia's on school holidays)

    Word of warning - if your house proud crazy, this is NOT the lifestyle for you. While the animals don't live inside all day (puppy is at the moment) they do come in and they do make mess with muddy paws or dog hair and destroy things - oh well, that's life!!! Fun all the way!!! At least the new pup is not going to be a shedder like the GS - oh boy, dog hair to the max!!!
    And to think she wanted a Pomeranian - I'd be coughing up fur balls for sure! LOL

    Oh - and Pam is correct, it's not a light hearted decision to make!!! It's a lifetime committment and needs careful thought beforehand. It's hardwork during the adjusment period with or without another dog!

    1 Hubbie - 2 kids - 2 dogs - 1 bird - 1 fish (mine!!!!) Oh and I think Ratoulle lives in the roof!!!!

    I love animals!!! To the point of stupidity - I love Mice and one day at work the boys called me out into the factory where they had cornerd a young rat!!! Wild rat!!!! They thought I'd freak!!!!

    The poor thing was sitting in the corner scared out of it's wits - Well what does Del do?? I tell the boys to pick it up and take it outside, no takers???? While the boys are screaming Del picks up rat and chases boys with it while they're all screaming and yelling for me to put it down. I walk outside with shaking rat and go to put the poor thing down and it turns around AND BITES ME!!!!!! It was my birthday that day - 45 brainless years old! and guess what I got for my birthday? A TETNUS SHOT and a scar to this day. I don't know what possessed me!!!! I still shake my head at my stupidity that day - I guess I wanted to show the pussy men what a real women does!!! To this day it brings tears of laughter to them all!!! Ahhh Del, always good for a laugh!

    Must run!
    Elysia 16 in Feb 2010
    Sydney - Australia
    Feb 2008 Fused T5-L1 and 5 ribs removed.
    Dec 2009 - Crankshafting
    Dec 10 - Revision surgery...3 vertebrae taken down, hooks removed, at T11-L1 - screws inserted, fusion extended down to
    L3 using Pedicle screws, some rib removed to try to derotate. Praying for things to settle.

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    Can I move my kids in with you? My youngest, who just turned 15, had begged, and begged for a dog. I held my ground and said NO repeatedly. She promised she would take care of him--feed him, walk him everyday, etc. I knew she wouldn't. Finally after 4 years of begging, I gave in and we got a puppy one year ago today. Why did I give in? We had to have our 12 y.o. cat put to sleep and I missed having a furry pet in the house. Needless to say, I am his primary care giver. It is a battle to get Tracy to walk Chance even 3 times per week. I have to remind her daily to feed him and give him fresh water.

    Guess what, now both girls are begging for another dog!!!!! I have said NO repeatedly and I hope I can stand my ground this time. With Chance, I was ready for the responsibility of a dog, but I'm not taking on another dog. I have a husband, 2 teenagers, a 58 gallon fish tank (mine), a turtle, 2 parakeets and of course a dog. With summer just around the corner, we'll have a small pool set up on our front porch full of tadpoles, frogs, and salimanders (sp?) and any other critters the girls drag home from the mountains.

    NO MORE PETS. Can I just move them in with you so they have 2 dogs and several other pets? Bless you for taking on a challenge I'm not willing to take on at this time.

    Mary Lou

    P.S. I loved your rat story!!!!
    Mom to Jamie age 21-diagnosed at age 12-spinal fusion 12/7/2004-fused from T3-L2; and Tracy age 19, mild Scoliosis-diagnosed at age 18.

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    Hi Del
    We too got a new puppy when Patrick was just 6 weeks post op. She is our second dog (both Border Collies) and the two have developed a special bond. The pup thought from day one that the older one was mom and would become very submissive around her. Needless to say it wasn't long before new pup was curling up with old pup to sleep. Dogs have very adept ways with body language of telling each other when enough is enough, a snappy little growl and new pup would back off submissively and leave old dog alone.
    The really good thing was the new pup forced Patrick to go on daily walks which he still does to this day, now with both dogs.
    Good luck, I think in time it will all work out well for both dogs.
    mom of Patrick, age 15 at time of surgery
    diagnosed July 2006 curves T58 L 38

    Nov. 2006 curves T72 L38
    also lordoscoliosis

    feb.2007 curves T79 L43

    Surgery May 16 2007
    fused T4 to L1

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    Reading your stories sounds kind of like my life -- we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 leopard gecko, and fish. As I said, my daughter tried to talk me into the bird, but, I guess I held my ground long enough. She had talked us into the gecko about 2 years ago, and yes, I am the one who takes care of everything. For awhile last year, our oldest daughter also moved back in with us (had just graduated from college), along with her 2 cats (which I don't think had ever seen a dog before, lol), so that was lots of fun, our dogs sure loved chasing them around. Our cat is used to them, and just strolls around everywhere, but with those 2, the biggest dog (a german shorthair pointer), was in for the chase! She seemed to have a sense if those cats were any where in the vicinity, and immediately chased them back to "the cat room". So, they pretty much were confined by the dog to one room in the house. Luckily, they all moved into a new apartment after about 6 months (it was a little too much for me--we were coughing up fur balls!!!!)

    So, hope things keep going well. Sounds like you've got things under control--you gotta love your pets to keep bringing all the extra work onto yourself!

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    Hi Del,
    I wrote earlier about my 2 goldens and my new bischon/poodle. Well, I just have to tell you. Things are going great. Both dogs seem to take turns playing with the newcomer. I really thought Taffy was never going to accept( Beazley) but she really is ok. They just needed to establish their own ground rules amongst themselves. Dogs don't hold grudges. Not that I have ever seen anyway. I hope things are going well for you.


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    My friend just got a dog as well and he is so happy he did. He was thinking it over for a long time before finally going. He is more than capable of taking care of him and it takes his mind off of his condition. I am not a big fan of having pets myself.

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