Hi all- I had this procedure April 2006 and have had terrible complications - pain at the operative site, neck, wrists, hands as well as the top of my curve. I feel the operation changed my S curve to a question mark. The top of the curve is about 39 degrees and the bottom was about 26. I got a Spine-Cor brace as I was told by the chiro who sold it that it would straighten my spine and therefore the operative site and everything else would have less pressure on it and all would work out. It has not happened although I am only a few months into two-year plan. I have been to orthopods, neurologists etc. who all don't get the mechanics of what is going on. I signed up with a Schrott PT so I hope to get some results there as the regular PT does not work. I cannot bend, carry things. I have gained a lot of weight mostly due to the medication experiments I have been through. I just thought I would share my experience to see if there are others who might have some thoughts and who might want to commiserate. I live in NYC.