Hello All: It's been a while since I've posted, but yet again I see that this is the place to be along with all my friends and those who understand what I'm going through. I've read through many posts from early this year regarding post-op and the ultimate question of when will I feel better. I am 10 weeks post op from a fusion of L3 to S1, with 6 segmental pedicle screws from L4 to S1 and 2 65mm rods (adding to the 2 previous harrington rods inserted in 1977 and 1984) and placement of intervertebral cages, illiac crest bone marrow aspirate and local laminectomy bone graft harvest. This was done for preoperative diagnosis of degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis resulting in severe numbness and pain from hips radiating down legs to toes and post right lumbar fusions for scoliosis. I am now 10 treatments into physical therapy, I moved to the treadmill 10minutes today and the recumbent bike, leg raises, hamstring stretches, etc....I have 2 more visits unless after my visit with surgeon recommends continued treatment. I am now on NASIDS (hydrocodone and celebrex) and I must say the excrutiating pain in legs presurgery has now almost completely diminished. I have still having quite a bit of discomfort from the illiac crest bone aspiration, previously the bone was taken from the hips with incision and I don't remember that being as painful. Right now I can sit with one leg under me and upright. I plan to begin some form of telecommuting next month, but don't know if I"ll be able to tolerate the 45 minute ride in bumper to bumper traffic on a daily basis in a few months. I am a single mother who cares for a disabled parent who lives with me and I cried, laughed and smiled at many of the posts because over the weekend I attempted to venture (I just started driving again only short distances) to the grocery store on my own to pick up just a few things.....and asked to have the bags packed lightly and when I got home, I did not treasure the 5 trips I had to make back and forth to get those few things in the house! Will I always have to wear slip on shoes, I'm only 44 and looking forward to getting this stack of books feeling off my back and looking forward to experiencing true quality of life as well. I'm on the waiting list to get into a heated therapeutic pool in June, but is that realistic that I will feel like doing water aerobics? Do you mean the beautiful flowers I just ordered from QVC, I better ask someone else to plant around my patio?

Everyone keeps telling me that I am doing really well and I'm on track and healing more one day at a time, but I so have cabin fever and if I see one more episode of 7th Heaven I'm going to scream and I've got terrible insomnia, my "normal" bedtime is about 2-3 am and I sleep until about 11 am I can't work like that. I appreciate all the posts from everyone and I'm so glad I found this site. Anyone in the Bowie, MD area I would love to start a support group like one mentioned in another post.

I too apologize for the length, but I just needed to vent, I'm tired of crying and I don't have stock in Kleenex or Puffs