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Thread: how to help your child

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    Unhappy how to help your child

    i have a nine yr old son who still is very upset over mommys condition. he just dont understand why mommy cant run flip,ride
    coasters, ect. like all other mommies. i would honestly i would, but i have done all with him untill i cant do any longer. the pain is to much to keep going like that anylonger. how can i get him to cope? please suggestions

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    I am a new mom and it is very hard for me to lift and get down on the floor with my son.I can't even think of surgery now, because he needs so much attention.So reading your story about your son, really got me thinking about the future.I will hopefully learn how to deal. So thanks for the question.I really feel for you.

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    Mary Lou Guest
    Hi Michelle....

    Hang in there! This stage with your son will pass. Think of it as a test for when he becomes a teenager. lol

    I have two daughters, ages 13 and 11, (13 year old with Kyphoscoliosis and facing surgery) and I remember them at 9. At that age they are starting to find their place in this world and of course they don't want to be different for ANY reason. They want the same sneakers, jeans, etc as everyone else. They just want to fit in with their peers.

    It sounds like you have always been the one to ride the roller coasters with him. Any chance Dad could/would ride with him? At his age, you will find him starting to draw more towards a male role model whether that is his Dad, a favorite uncle or just a close friend.

    Be honest with him. He is old enough to understand. Tell him you would love to be able to do everything he wants you to do, but that you just can't. Have you explained why you have so much pain? Tell him everything--believe me, he is wondering what's going on with you. Answer his questions and make sure to address any possible fears that he might have. He may be afraid that he will have the same problems as you in the future. Talk to him. Offer to take a friend to ride the roller coasters with him, but be sure to stand where you can watch them and wave to him.

    Best of luck,
    Mary Lou

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    If your daughter's curve is really only 18 degrees, it shouldn't be so noticable. So, I would definitely recommend that she be seen by a specialist.


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