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Thread: Is my daughter receiving the correct treatment?

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    Is my daughter receiving the correct treatment?

    My daughter is 12 years old. She has a double scoliosis of 28 and 25║ ; she ha been with an ortopedic corset that is is done up with three frontal belts. She had a very good evolution at the beginning but ultimately she seems to have a stagnation. She wears the corset day and night though last summer┤, due to Spain high temperatures she took it off for several weeks and there was a light step backwards. She does not do any phisical exercise, and she does not want to do the exercises prescribed for the doctor. Actually it is being an enourmous effort on our part yo convince her about the benefits of the corset. Probably she has the Marfan syndrome, like me, so her conective tissues are weak and I am afraid that when she takes off the corset her returns to its original position. Can anybody give me some hope?
    I think that our ortopaedic surgeon is very unefficient with this case.

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    Diagnosing whether or not your daughter has Marfan syndrome is very important for her proper care. One of the most prominent orthopedic spine specialists who is also a specialist in Marfans is Dr. Paul Sponseller at Johns Hopkins. You can get his contact detail at and typing in his name.

    There is also a Marfan organization at that is very helpful and may be able to provide you with referrals in Spain.
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