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Thread: Omega 3 fish oil and pain

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    Omega 3 fish oil and pain

    Hi everyone, I'm not really one to go down the supplement route, but I have heard of really good results from people using high dose omega 3 supplements for pain. I read about it on the zone diet website, and admittedly am really skeptical, but my dietician has had several people on it who have noticed a reduction in pain. It's all to do with reducing inflammation, so that makes sense to me. I'm on a relatively low dose right now because I haven't ordered the higher dose capsules (and don't fancy taking several at a time).

    Dr Sears (the zone guy) is profiting from endorsing omega 3, however that aside there is some good research which he cites. I am reluctant to put this kind of product related thing up on the site, but I know how many of us are willing to try anything to reduce pain. There have been good results with people following the zone diet and reducing some pain related to MS etc, so who knows. The link to the Omega 3 section is I will try and find some information specifically to support his claim, I had found it before but I'm just on my way out. It's one of those things that you have to read up and make your own mind up about!
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    Thanks for sharing, nz! You're such a sweetie to think of everyone here. Hope you have a great day!
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