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Thread: young JIS patients, how are they now?

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    young JIS patients, how are they now?

    Hi everyone,
    I am fairly new to this forum and have been making my way through the archives slowly. A couple of years ago there were quite a few posts from parents with young children (under age 8) who were newly diagnosed with JIS. Some had questions about VBS and their children have gone on to successful surgeries. Others were just starting in braces or being observed. I am curious how these children are getting along now, since there haven't been many follow-ups posted. I'd love to hear from anyone out there, whatever treatment their child is undergoing.

    Gayle, mom to Leah, 6 y/o, diagnosed Jan 2008 with 30*thoracic/15*lumbar
    also mom to Torrey, 3 y/o boy (who hopefully didn't inherit my back)
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