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    I'm Mike, after a week of watching this forum the mods have finally let me in.

    I'm a 35 yo male, and have just be diagnosed with scoliosis 20 lumbar and 20 mid-thoracic curves.

    I used to be a very avid backcountry skiier and worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years. About 5 years ago my back started hurting daily. After a year of this I started to see a chiropractor for the pain I was having in my back.
    I assumed the pain to be work and skiing related

    The chiro took x-rays, and had I been a little more aware I would have realized what the S shape in my back was. At the time of this visit the chiro told me some Dr.'s would be alarmed by the curves in my back. He said it was not a big deal to him and nothing to be concerned about. There was no mention of scoliosis by the chiro. After about 7 months and countless visits I realized the steaches he had me doing were helping more then the adjustments. The adjustments would ease the pain for about a day. I stopped going.

    Of course he didn't mention scoliosis to me as research would have shown me chiro care isn't really effective. The most frustrating thing to me about these visits is that I feel he was dishonest about the truth of my condition.

    The pain caused me to give up skiing and move away from Alaska.

    I started seeing a Dr. recently for the pain I was having. After going in for X Rays I received a proper diagnosis of my curves.

    I feel for all the people posting about Dr's saying scoliosis does not cause pain. I hurt every day, all most all day.

    My Dr. told me I have scoliosis and that it causes pain. He also told me I will have pain my entire life, and it will, more then likely, get worse.

    He has given me stretches and exercises to do to help my back stay strong and very strongly encouraged me to stay on top of the exercises to keep the pain from increasing as I age, and to hopefully keep the curves from getting worse. Also medication to ease the pain. The thing with the medication is, at first a little relief is great. Just getting through that worst part of the day is all you need. After a while that bit of relief isn't enough any more, and the desire to feel good thru out the day grows.

    I am glad to know why I hurt, I honestly cannot remember what it is like to go through the day free of pain.

    Carrying around heavy trays in the restaurant got to be too much for me, so now I have a desk job. Not much better for pain actually, I'm not sure which was worse. Lumbar pain from the chair, or thoracic pain from carrying heavy trays.

    Any way thats my story.

    The thing I'm wondering is if anyone has suggestions/advise on dietary supplements to take. As in minerals etc. My Dr. has suggested calcium, which I am taking now, but I'm wondering if there is anything else that can help along with the exercises. The thought of this getting worse is no good.

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    I don't have any advice on supplements, but my nephew who is just a couple of years older than you, has a mild scoliosis and swears by yoga. He has a very physically and mentally demanding career (he owns two brew pubs, wholesale and retail) and he says the yoga keeps him flexible and strong.
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