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Thread: Chiropactic and Scoliosis

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    Thank you so much Melissa!
    I really appreciate your kind words
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    Cara, Mom to Nathan
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    Dr. Hresko
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    11 Degrees now!! (2012)

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    I have a question for any of the parents who have had VBS done on their children. Does anyone by chance know if VBS has been done on anyone with scoliosis caused by Chiari/Syringomyelia? I did call Shriners today and left a message with Janet, but I haven't heard back yet. I tried to do an internet search, but came up with zero. I'm pretty sure VBS has only been done on idiopathic scoli, but it doesn't hurt to look into it I guess. As Cara said-leave no stone unturned.

    I do have my daughter in a Spinecor brace, unfortunately things haven't gone very well up to this point, so I want to start looking into my options in case I need to try something else.
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    Since there has been a lot of discussion on this thread about how long it takes for kids to return to normal activities after fusion, there's a thread entitled "How long before back to normal" that answers this question. I'm sure some may have seen it already. It covers the whole range of different time tables and I think might be quite helpful to anyone wondering about this.
    Mom to David, age 17, braced June 2000 to March 2004
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    I'm joining this discussion rather late, but I note that nobody has answered Joe's fundamental questions posed in his first post. I agree with most other people on the forum that chiropractic is usually a waste of time, though it's relatively inexpensive.

    I have scoliosis, and was treated for it by several different chiropractors sporadically over a period of several years. They were all very bright, caring, and well-meaning people, but most of them did no good beyond short-term pain relief. They are not trained to deal with the fundamental problem of scoliosis, which is a complex imbalance of spinal and other musculature.

    They did their spinal adjustments on me, which I thought were rinky-dink. They did electro-stimulation in two areas of my back, also rinky-dink. It will theoretically strengthen the area stimulated, but I sensed no improvement, and clinical studies I've seen conclude that it is ineffective. There are multiple layers of muscles along the spine, for one: how does the doctor know which is or are contributing to the scoliosis, and whether the electro-stimulation will either reach or affect the responsible muscle group(s)?

    One chiro placed me regularly in a traction table, but I was unconvinced by his explanation of the theory behind it. He had me doing other stretching exercises, which did no harm but did not promise to make any improvement. In sum, though I would suggest chiro for short-term pain relief -- massage is also good for this -- it will rarely have long-term effect.

    Joe also asked about MedX machines. See my previous post in another thread:

    The most proven conservative treatment system for scoliosis is the Schroth method. This is physiotherapy, which is very different from chiropractic. Do a search for impressions of Schroth on this forum, and focus on those who have direct experience with it.

    There is a UK scoliosis forum like ours, where you can read quite a few reports by a post-operative scoliosis patient (nick is Sandman77) during and after his recent stay at a Schroth clinic in Germany.
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    Thanks Writer.....! That was exactly the type of information I was looking for when I first posted. It is more clear than ever that VERY rarely is there a homeopathic solution to scoli...

    Just an update for all on this board. Sydney is going to Shriners Philly to see Dr.'s Asghar/Betz on March 20th. Thanks for all of the advice and direction.

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    The best of luck to you at Shriner's. Please keep us posted.
    From Bucks County, Pa., USA

    Mom to Matthew,19, Jessica, 17, and Nicole, 14
    Nicole had surgery with Dr. Dormans on 9/12/07 at Children's Hospital of Phila. She is fused T-2 - L-3

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATJESNIC
    The best of luck to you at Shriner's. Please keep us posted.
    Thanks.... I will.....

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    Alternative Therapy for AIS

    Several years ago, while a Research Fellow at the Istituto Superiore di Sanita (largest research facility in Italy), I completed a study that suggested ideopathic (unknown) scoliosis may be linked to abnormal motion in the feet. (Intuitively this makes sense, e.g., a building with a weak foundation impacts the entire building, a weak foot impacts the entire body).

    The results of this study can be read on my research (non commercial) website at

    Any questions you may have can be sent to me at

    Prof Brian A Rothbart

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    Chiro/Ortho team

    I have been taking my daughter to the chiro for pain relief since our crooked journey began 11/2006. Just adjustments once a month to ward off pain, and any additional visits when she tries to show how strong she is and over does herself a little. She hasn't had too many horrible episodes with pain(only a couple brought tears, ice brought relief till we could visit chiro) , but at 12 and 13 years old kids just should not hurt just from bending the wrong way. BTW she just turned 14 a couple of weeks ago.

    Our chiro requests records from the ortho after we visit him(every 6 months) and the chiro has actually explained some things in a more understandable manner than the ortho. I do believe in having the chiro/ortho team if there is a minor pain issue. My daughter definitely feels relief after a visit.

    My daughter, 11/2006 23L-41T, 9/2007 ??L-49T progressing
    Myself, minor lumbar curvature, saw chiro often during those baby toting days, not so much now.

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