Hello, I hope this post isn't out of place. I am not a researcher but a parent interested in hearing about new therapies.

I am the mother of a 35 month old boy with severe congenital scoliosis. He is normal in every other way. He has about ten vertebrae which are not completely formed, ie hemivertebrae. So far we are just bracing. My son is also, to make things harder, extreeeeeemely small for his age. I mean, we're talking right off the lowest percentile scale! Anyway, there's not much flesh to stick a rod or a rib into and that was one of the reasons that our doctor and the Seattle Titanium Rib team didn't think my son was a good candidate at that time. Endocrine levels are fine.

I am interested in the very leading edge therapies including transplanting bone growth tissue to the affected vertebrae, building up the affected vertebrae with synthetic supporting materials, variations on external support for the spine, etc. I think my son may need a multipronged approach.