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Thread: My unbievable story and now a Dr. Boachie patient.

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    Unhappy My unbievable story and now a Dr. Boachie patient.

    26 years ago, I had scoliosis surgery with the Harrington rod placement by Dr. Keim @ CPH in NY.I was told I would never have back pain again. I was 13 yrs old at the time and obvious nieve. Now in the present, I have severe back pain, more than I can deal with on my own. Growing up I had pain but I was just glad to be alive. Now I cannot deal with it. I have had the worst experience of doctors trying to figure out what is wrong with me since May 07 when I actually said I had enough and something is wrong here. I have every test known unto man done. Seen orthos and neuros but the kicker here is that I went to The Rothman Center a big hospital in Phila that braggs that they are the best. I saw the top doctor there only to be humiliated and left crying after a 5 minute appointment. His little lackys who follow him around could not even find the X-ray that I had brought when asked. And you know it's bad when I get up off of the table and pull it out with no problem. To make a long story short, He wanted to send me to a neuro doc. And when I called to make an appt. they laughed at me and told me it would be a usless appointment because they would just send me back to Rothman. So calling the doc at Rothman and told them what the neuro said I got and this is a quote "I don't want to take your case because I feel uncomfortable" Wow what a blow to the gut. I feel the reason is the high malpractice suits here in PA. He does not want to be Liable. Don't blame him for that because if by chance he screwed up I would have sued. But he's God in that hospital and won numerous awards, treats the Eagles, the Phillies and the Flyers and every other important people. I guess I am not important enough.

    The only good thing that came out of this is the fact that I found this forum and some people were boasting how Dr. Boachie is with re-visions. So I called and mad an appt w/ him, That was in October and I had to wait till 2/11/08. to see him and I am glad I did because he was thorough, and patient and empthatic and to the point. So I would like to thank everyone on this forum who loved Dr. Boachie becasue of you I made the call for the appt. And I am greatfull to all of you because you showed me a sign. God's little miracles. And now I have the facts needed to go on with life and the surgery.

    The harrington rod that was installed in my back, the bottom part never fused to my back in 26 years. I also lost 3 inches due to the discs below the fusion are crushed so bad. And now I have an anterior fusion (ALIF?) and posterior fusion (either PLIF OR TLIF?) The only doctor who I seen before Dr. Boachie, that was right on the money was my pain management doctor. Everyone else was so wrong or not willing. I am very fortunate to have found and seen Dr. Boachie (thanks to the members who loved him which made me make an appt.) I don't know when the surgery will be but it better be soon. You would think that Dr. Keim would have seen it since we traveled 2 hours to see him for post-op appts. in which they took X-rays. That is where I am mad because I was also told the same thing that I will never have any problems for the rest of my life. Now look at me. And there is no responsiblity for the promises that were made long ago. That part makes me mad. He should donate (which Dr. Keim is very generous) to the patients he had that need to be repaired for the portion of what ever the insurance will not pay and have to come up out of my pocket. I am an average Joe here and cannot afford 40-100k out of my pocket. I am angry about that. So I am venting. I apologize if I offended any one. But this is the way I see it. This pain and suffering I have had and now have to have surgery has affected every part of my life. My marriage, my kids, and my new job i just got are all hanging on a thread. I think I paid my dues and I just want a break.

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    I'm glad you found a good surgeon by reading posts here. It makes it all worthwhile for a lot of people.

    Not that it's really relevant, but would it have made any difference if you'd been told that the surgery you had 26 years ago was only going to last 10-15 years? Unfortunately, 20-30 years ago, surgeons believed that what they were doing was going to fix patients. I don't think they intentionally misled anyone. It sucks that so many have had to go through such invasive procedures not once, but twice (or more), but the alternative, at least for many, would have had far worse consequences.

    Best of luck with your surgeries.


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