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Thread: 6 Days Post-Op, Crazy Symptom

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    6 Days Post-Op, Crazy Symptom

    I had surgery last Monday, Feb 4, to remove my rods. When they say that the second is easier than the first, they mean it.
    I had a few post-op complications like dry-heaving, fever, allergic reaction, and I would stop breathing in recovery, but it was nothing major like the first.
    I'm 6 days post-op and Ive been home for one day and feel really good. Theres only one problem thats really bad, and its my right shoulder blade. When I move it feels like something pulling, stinging, and burning. I was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which is a chronic neurological pain disorder, after the first surgery and these were the first symptoms so I'm very worried thats whats going on. Has anyone ever had this symptom?

    Thanks, Matt

    Rod Removal Surgery 2/4/2008
    Had surgery on 9/20/04
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    I think it's nothing to worry about. Since you had surgery before you know of all the strange feelings and pains during recovery.

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