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Thread: New and very nervous!

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    New and very nervous!

    Hi all! I took my twins (about as fraternal as you get) for their 9-year-old check-ups and lo and behold the Dr. told us that one of them has significant scoliosis. We went for an x-ray and have an appointment with Scottish Rite in Dallas on Feb. 7th. All we know right now is there is a 15 degree right thoracic curve and an 11 degree compensatory curve at L2. I am so nervous about the chance for progression due to his age and also because he is a very sensitive child. I guess it's just "wait and see" and that alone is going to drive me crazy. I don't know how I will cope with the possible months between appointments. Thanks for letting me vent!

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    Hi Guzymom,

    I'm also new to the forum. I have a 5y.o. with a 49 and 40 degree curve. We go to Dallas Scottish Rite (only been once) and see Dr. Karol. She's very sweet. Our first visit was great. They are so good with the children and us parents. We go back at the end of this month to get her brace. Good Luck.


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    Hi Guyzmom,

    Welcome to the forum. I know you are feeling sick to your stomach right now and the next few weeks will be tough for you. With the degree of curve you stated you will probably get a wait and see answer. I would recommend not waiting more then 3 months for your sons next x ray as scoliosis can sometimes progress very quickly. I hope your son does not progress at all, but if he does there are some decent options out there for you to research.

    Traditionally scoliosis in the juvenile is treated with a hard brace. (boston brace) Statistics on this brace are so so. Compliance with this brace is not great at the pre teen/teen age group. Your son would be looking at many years in a brace. IF he progreses and he may not!! There are other options to research. There is a flexible brace called spine cor which seems to work well for the younger kids with smaller curves. Check out the spine cor thread on this forum. Plenty of info and lots of great moms.

    There are also other braces that are out there including a night time only brace. My daughter had a surgical procedure called vertebral body stapling which I obviously would recommend looking into if you need too. There is plenty of info on this website regarding VBS. There is also a stapling support group that is extremely informative.

    I guess I just want to say to you, relax, it is possible that your son will be fine and not progress at all. However, if intervention is requiered, research your options. Most orthos are not in favor of, or shamefully ignorant, of the vertebral body stapling and the spine cor brace.

    You, your son, and your family will be ok. I know how you are feeling. My daughter is 9 and was only diagnosed July 2007. It has been a long journey but we are all doing fine.

    Hugs to you,
    Mom to Michela ~age 12 ~VBS @ age 9 - 12/19/07 26* to 1*
    10/8/08 ~ curve is immeasurable!!
    07/16/09 ~ a few degrees overcorrected... being monitored
    12/28/09 ~ 14* overcorrected to the right
    2/23/10 ~ 12* overcorrected
    3/12/10 ~ Boston Brace at night to prevent further overcorrection. In brace corrects to -8*

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