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Thread: Swelling in left foot/ankle

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    Swelling in left foot/ankle

    Hi everyone,

    The issue here is definitely not that I'm not going to see my surgeon about this - I definitely will - I'd just like to be armed with a little information before I see him.

    I had a big back surgery revision in October for flatback syndrome - had rods reattached, two incisions (one front, one back), a bunch of osteotomies, and four fusions, yada yada yada... most of you seem to have similar issues so I won't bore you with further details.

    Anyway, I am still getting swelling in my left foot and ankle after almost 16 weeks post-op. The surgeon reassured me that as I "get more active" the swelling will go down. I work as a secretary so during the day I'm not able to be active - shouldn't the swelling be going down by now anyway? It is WAY better on the weekends when I'm out and about, but I'm worried that it's extremely rare for this to still be a problem so long after the surgery. I didn't have swelling issues the first time around when I was 13. I'm 25 now but still in otherwise great health.

    Did anyone else have swelling so long after?


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    I had swelling in both of my ankles up to 6 months post op. I had a lot of leg and ankle swelling after surgery and it went down but when I went back to work ( I am also a secretary) my ankles started swelling again, not as bad as the first time. At 6 months my swelling finally stopped down, I think it was from all the walking and standing I was doing from going back to work. If you have any pain in your legs with swelling contact your doctor right away or go to the emergency room, that could be a blood clot.


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