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Thread: Pen Pals?

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    Talking Pen Pals?

    Any one out there in a brace want a pen pal?
    I been looking for some one to talk to about scoli who has experinced it
    I live in Vic Aust
    Email me, or msn
    I d LOVE to talk THNX
    HI! I'm Tayla
    I Wore A Boston Brace For 5Years!
    It Was Taken Off May 10.
    But... After a Review in Nov 10 My Back had got badd!!
    Im Now On The Waiting List For Surgery To Get The Bottom Curve Fused.
    pre surgery:
    51 at the top.
    49 at the bottom

    <3 Tayy
    Makes Us Stronger... <3

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    ill be ur pen-pal if u like, i sent u a pm
    My Scoliosis
    My curves are 15 and 21.
    I wear a Boston Brace
    Don't think I am getting surgery

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