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Thread: New to NSF . . . why hasn't anything new been posted to Juvenile in months?

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    I don't know how much is puts the siblings at risk...but I have my 1 yr. old sons pediatrician check him on his well child checkups. And of course, I'm always checking too. If I or the pedi ever got suspicious of anything I would probably have my daughters pediatric orthopedic surgeon take a look. It's hard not to worry whether or not they will end up with it...I pray he won't, but I understand it's a possibility.


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    Hi Esa,

    It is not uncommon for siblings to have scoliosis. However, it is not that common for siblings to have such progressive scoliosis that requieres intervention. That said, it does happen. My 9 year old just had VBS surgery. My 7 year old has the same type of rib hump look to her back. What I mean is the musculature on the left side of her back right along the spine looks to be just a tad bit higher then on the right side. This is how my 9 year old looked when she was 7.

    My 7 year old, Shannon, was x rayed this past October. Her spine is straight but it shows a slight pelvic rotation. The surgeon we see at Shriners in Philadelphia said it is best to monitor her often. Not necessarily with xrays but just by measuring her rib hump. An x ray maybe every 8 months or so or anytime there is a significant looking change.

    We will be going back to see the surgeon for a follow up for my 9 year old, Michela, Feb 1st. I am taking Shannon with us to have her rib hump measured for the first time. I am nervous and I pray it does not progress, but I know I need to follow it.

    Just keep your eye on your younger child. Scoliosis sometimes presents itself very subtly in the beginning, it is easy to miss.

    Mom to Michela ~age 12 ~VBS @ age 9 - 12/19/07 26* to 1*
    10/8/08 ~ curve is immeasurable!!
    07/16/09 ~ a few degrees overcorrected... being monitored
    12/28/09 ~ 14* overcorrected to the right
    2/23/10 ~ 12* overcorrected
    3/12/10 ~ Boston Brace at night to prevent further overcorrection. In brace corrects to -8*

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    salt Lake City Utah, lucky enough to be close to Intermountain Shriners Hospital
    Thank you for the info, I really hope Nyah doesn't have scoliosis. Jasmine's life has been so hard for her, and I really don't want Nyah to have to go through it too. Besides that I can't imagine having to try and get 2 kids to keep their braces on. (Jasmine wears her brace 22 hours a day) Although Jasmine has been wearing her brace since she was 1, so now it's easier to get her to keep it on. Besides that, telling her that if she does wear it it may make it so she doesn't have to get a cast again for awhile, she hates the cast worse then her brace since she can't go swimming, or take a bath and being the paranoid mom I won't even let her touch the snow in the winter! Guess I'll talk to Dr. D'Astous on the 30th when we go in for Jasmine's appointment and see what he thinks about Nyah . . . Thanks again!

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