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    Question I'm new

    Hi my name is Sol and I'm from Ecuador. I'm living in MA. Came 4 months ago for my daughter's surgery (she will be 4 years old next August) She has congenital scoliosis. her operation was on May 11 at Montefiore Children's hospital in NY. they did a segmental posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation. and Sol is currently in a body cast that extends down on both sides. They said she will require a brace after the first 3 months.
    has anybody had a similar case or have any advice for us?
    Thank you

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    Hi Sol,

    Welcome to the board. My son has congenital scoliosis, but has had very different treatments and surgeries. I hope your daughter's recovery continues to go smoothly. I hope she will be healthy and strong.

    Keep us posted on her recovery.
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    Great Mommy

    Congrats on your being such a wonderful mom. Your baby is very lucky to have your love and support. Sometimes as parents we get hit with the unexpected and unknown and it is really hard to deal with. God will see you through. You and yours are in my thoughts,

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