I came out crying from work today.

I work part-time hours, 9 am to 3 pm, reduced last year as I found a full day too much, I am disabled. Under my previous full-time contract I had to work one in 3 Saturdays however I have not had a new contract for part-time hours and am finding 6 days a week too much when I do them.

I was advised by one of the Manager to obtain a letter from a Dr stating that I should cut my hours to 5 a week. It was thought that this would be sufficient, however my managing director has given me a lecture today saying that he needs me on a Saturday morning that I should cut my hours even more so that I| can do a Saturday morning (this would mean another reduction in salary, I don't get paid that much now). He said that I am not busy a lot of the time and taht I have to go in on a Saturday to suit him. Some days I have 6 tapes which I get through fairly quickly, he doesn't think of that only the days when I may be sitting around more due to a manager being on holiday.

I was rather hurt, there are several members of staff who don't do a Saturday morning including full-timers, and some of the part=timers who do either get paid extra or they only do about 1 in 9 (which suits them). I only have one lady to cover for me, they have about 6 downstairs to cover each other! I am an audio typist using my back, legs and concentration while the others use the phone and speak to customers, I work at an Insurance Brokers.

I have been at my job 13 years, one girl has just come back after leaving 6 months ago, she has refused to do Saturdays and only does 3 days a week, she helps the insurance broking side too.

Over the years I have been to work with breathing problems,a lot of back pain and I have worked on my own for about 13 weeks doing a lot of work without any help. I wasn't well myself at the time. I wear a ventilator at night for breathing problems. I now feel very bitter about the whole situation.

I look forward to your comments.

Thanks a lot