I had my Harrington Rod operation in 1989 and I was 11, my curve was detected a few months before surgey and was 69% curve, however a month later I had progressed to a 76% curve.

Mr Jackson carried this out in the Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital in
Hampshire, UK. Mr Jackson has since retired.

However, I have been having problems with my sciatic nerve that runs down my left leg, I regularly take Valium and various drugs for pain and have been suffering daily for the last 5 years.

The main problem is the underneath the scar where they took bone from, the area is very sensitive to the touch and I get shooting pains down my leg.

I saw a Dr 2 years ago and have had various MRI scans, my GP in the UK, said that a lot of my pain was in my mind because he couldnt see a problem, hence the MRI (I was eventually referred), and this detected bone fragments that were not collected causing nerve and muscle pains.

My Rod is also uncomfortable and pokes out at the top, when I saw my Dr 2 years ago he said I had twisted a further 10 degrees.

Since the Harrington Rod I went into hospital (1998) and had a Steroid operation into the lower scar, this was not very pleasant and refuse to have this done again.

I was offered this as a standard procedure yearly but it frightened me, the other option was to have the area numbed but of course there are side effects to that which I really do not fancy, being only 27 now.

What I joined this group for, was to make sure I am not alone and hoped someone would have an answer to help cure my fears and pains or even have a suggestion of a new doctor as I would like a second opinion.

I have reflexology regularly and it helps sometimes, however, it
upsets me that I have pain daily and when I get up from the sofa
struggle to straighten up to stand.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone that has suggestions.

Nutty (Simone)