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Thread: Do the kids at your school make fun of your brace?

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    lol a good way is if u have lunch or a break after lunch is to try and go to a a/c room and stand under it!! i do that alot at lunch!!

    HI! I'm Tayla
    I Wore A Boston Brace For 5Years!
    It Was Taken Off May 10.
    But... After a Review in Nov 10 My Back had got badd!!
    Im Now On The Waiting List For Surgery To Get The Bottom Curve Fused.
    pre surgery:
    51 at the top.
    49 at the bottom

    <3 Tayy
    Makes Us Stronger... <3

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    Well I'd suggest you wear layers, I start gym in a week and we have connectime (15 minute home room) aftr gym hour luckily that i can cool off, but I wuld say wear a tanktop or tshirt that covers it and bring a sweatshirt for when u cool off (if u do) otherwise drink water! I have tons of issues with not drinking enuff water which may add to my heat! best wishes~

    oh and btw, i adj. mine on my own and i went to get my first xray 2day, and all of my curves are exactly within 1-2 degreees of each i guess my pads arent placed wrong...but thats just me :-\
    14 Freshwoman
    December 1st got no head the boston brace
    Pre Brace Curves:18C 25T 30L
    In brace curves: (1/23/08) 16C 20T 22L
    In brace Curves: (5/21/08) 19C 19T 15L
    We're Bringing CURVY BACK

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    A Story

    It may seem like people will make fun of you, but really, they won't.
    I got my TLSO brace about 7 months ago. The first day that I wore it to school, one kid said to me "what's up, football player?!" I cried, and I was really upset because nobody else at my school has one. He did not realize that I had a brace, and when he found out he came and apologized. All of the popular girls at my school thought it was so cool, and they wanted to try it on! I found it so weird that nobody was picking on me, or laughing at me. Since then, anybody that sees me never notices it, and they're totally used to it! It's pretty neat.

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