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Thread: Would Surgery Be Better???

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    Would Surgery Be Better???

    i really hate my prevents me from doin alotta stuff i wanna do and it prevents me from wearin allotta the clothes i wanna wear, so sumtimes i wonder if it would just be better if i had surgery done instead but my mom was like....thats only if its really really bad n its always gonna be the last option but...wouldnt it just be SO much easier!??!?! and is it true u havta be in a body cast for like a week after surgery??? well just wondrin....please reply.

    hAdLeY 13, TN

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    this all depends on the size of your curve!
    if it is 40 degrees or over i wood recomend surgery if it is 50 or over i highly recomend surgery. How big is your curve?
    40-50 upper curve

    20-30 lower curve

    surgery August 10!

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    hAdLeY ,
    I would suggest ASCO scoliosis treatment.

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    Northshore, suburbs near Chicago
    I don't think that any hospital does body casts anymore. About 1 out of 10 patients needs to wear a brace after surgery - I'm not sure for how long.

    About the brace vs. surgery - surgery stinks! You have to give up a lot of things you love and it hurts a lot, so avoid it all costs. Don't give up on your brace!

    Good luck!

    48 degree upper curve
    L2 to T4
    Braced for 4 years
    Surgery 2/4/04

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